Some Louisville families say they're being harassed by vandals and trespassers, and they claim an abandoned high rise makes them an easy target.

Neighbors describe the old Merchant's Ice Tower as a hot spot for trouble. Towering over the Smoketown Neighborhood, the abandoned 13-story building attracts many unwanted visitors.

"You constantly see more strangers than you do neighbors," John Burroughs said.

Peppered with graffiti and trash, bricks fall from the old Merchant's Ice Tower at the corner of Logan and Lampton Streets, but neighbors say they've watched teenagers launch them off the roof.

"You can see them them lofting them up like a grenade," said Burroughs, demonstrating an overhand throw. 

"That high up, and it hits somebody, they're dead," John Winfield said. "They ain't coming back. They're dead. Somebody's gonna get hurt."

Residents believe the vandals are basically invited to trespass because the fence is left wide open.

"I know police can't be here 24/7, but I'd like to see something done," Burroughs said.

"Somebody needs to do something about it," said business owner John Brasch, who called the building an eyesore. "It's not fair to people who own property around here."

"This is an emerging neighborhood," he said. "Except for this piece of junk over here."

While the building decays, neighbors hope for change -- or help. 

"This is a bad enough area as it is," Winfield said. "We don't need any more of this."

Attempts to reach the building's owner were unsuccessful. The property is listed for sale online and is priced at $1.6 million.

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