CUSTER, Ky. (WDRB) -- Speeding cars are causing a concern for residents on East Highway 86 near the Breckinridge/Hardin County line.

A guardrail in the area was removed in July 2011 due to its substandard condition, and since then, eight accidents have happened in or right in front of Gloria Henderson’s yard.

“My grandchildren can’t come over anymore, because my daughter-in-law feels like it’s too dangerous,” Henderson said.

Vertical markers are in place at the curve, but Henderson feels since the rail is not there, drivers don’t have a good judgment of how seriously to take that curve. The speed limit in the area is 45 mph, but she says people often go much faster.

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet admits speed is a constant problem in that area.

“We’re seeing preliminary numbers come in that are indicating we’re seeing some speeding issues in that area, certainly,” says KTC district spokesman Chris Jessie.

Henderson says in the winter she is so scared a car will slide off and into her home, she has her children sleep in a living room in the back of the house to keep them safe.

Cars have crashed into cars parked in Henderson’s front yard, feet from where her grandchildren usually play.

Telephone poles have been cracked in half by cars veering off the road, and Henderson has laid several of those poles in front of her house as a buffer to protect it.

“I have cried and begged the Kentucky DOT because I live on a state road to help me, because I feel like my family is in danger,” Henderson said.

KTC tells WDRB they are looking into to a road project that would include that area of East Highway 86, possibly including a new guardrail.

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