LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The Hardin County Schools district is working on a permanent fix for classrooms with creaking floors, leaking roofs and cracked walls -- but one hurdle is hindering construction.

There are Samsung Chromebook laptops at every desk in the fourth grade class at Howevalley Elementary School. 

"We are wizards...and we will get a certain amount of coins to buy pets," explained fourth grader Maddie Bailey.

But don't let the game fool you. Maddie says she's learning. 

"There's math, and they have things like perimeter and area, addition, subtraction, parallel lines and perpendicular," Maddie said.

While her school uses the latest teaching technology, the building itself is not as up-to-date. There are cracks in the walls, ceiling tiles that are stained or missing, and problems even a 10-year-old can see. 

"The floor creeks here and some of the roofs leak," Maddie said. 

The Hardinsburg-area school, built in 1930s, is nearing its last class. Its replacement is being built just up the road. 

"There just becomes a tipping point where you are spending so much to maintain a building that it just doesn't make good financial sense," said Superintendent Teresa Morgan.

There is $15 million of construction behind the new Cecelia Valley Elementary School, slated to open in October. 

"In the build right now, we're in the process of...the interior: blocking masonry, blocking and setting steel," said Tim Gupton of Isaac Tatum Construction. "We're also doing plumbing and wiring rough ends -- and that's about it right now, due to the weather."

The school is slated to open in October, but constant rain in our spring-like winter turned the new school site into a mud pit.

"Because your masonry work -- it will wash out and you can't add additional water to concrete as you're pouring," Gupton explained. "Yeah, the rain is very negative."

The building is 30 days behind schedule. The site superintendent says his team will make it up: whatever it takes to meet the deadline. 

"We think about it every day," Gupton said.

So does Maddie and her friends. 

"Yup, we're ready and we know it's going to be a pretty good opportunity for us," Maddie said.

Students will stay at Howevalley Elementary until Cecilia Valley is complete. The district plans to put the old school building up for auction. 

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