District 22 Pizzeria is a party brought to your front door.

The owner of Big Four Burgers + Beer won’t just specialize in burgers anymore. He's planning to open a pizza, beer, wine and bourbon delivery service called District 22 Pizzeria in March. It will connect to Big Four Burgers at 110 E. Main Street in New Albany, and the FedEx store currently in the building will move around the corner to State Street.

"There's nothing like that around here, so I think people would definitely use it,” Big Four customer Danielle Conroy said.

Big Four Burgers and District 22 Pizzeria owner Matt McMahan owns several businesses around town, but he's never heard of anything like pizza and alcohol delivery together in southern Indiana.

“I was following someone on Twitter that has a restaurant in Indianapolis, and I saw it, and I contacted him and asked him if it was literally legal to do because it's just unheard of,” McMahan said.

It is legal. McMahan just had to apply for a different kind of liquor license. The name District 22 is a nod to his family's favorite movie, The Hunger Games.

Seating will not be available inside District 22, but customers can order the same pizza at Big Four Burgers. Customers can either order take out from District 22 or order delivery online. The app or website will have a place for customers to verify their ages.

“We're going to have a no tolerance policy for when we show up to a property," McMahan said. "They have to have the ID of a person who called in the order on our online platform."

McMahan says the best part about his new business is that it helps to prevent drunk driving.

“Really people are just leisurely drinking craft beer now. If you had two IPAs that are 8 percent alcohol and you drive to the store, ... literally you could wreck and kill somebody. So that's one of our main things too."

McMahan says he's unsure how far he will deliver in southern Indiana, but he's not able to deliver in Kentucky according to liquor laws. 

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