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POV | President Trump needs a thicker skin

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Unlike many, I refuse to declare the Donald Trump presidency a failure after less than a week. It’s going to take time to see which of his stated policies will be implemented and which will turn out to have been mere campaign rhetoric. And it’ll take even longer to judge the success or failure of those that are adopted.

But there’s one thing I’d say to Mr. Trump if I could, and it’s this: The thin-skinned reactions you’ve already had to numerous perceived slights on the part of the media and others will not serve you -- or the nation -- well if they continue.

No one in such a public position as President of the United States gets immunity from criticism. And it’s the press’s responsibility to unearth facts and deliver them, regardless of who may look bad as a result. Simply dismissing reporters as enemies with an agenda any time they legitimately question any dubious statement threatens the balance between government and the press that preserves our American freedoms. And at the same time, the media needs to abandon activist journalism and return to just reporting the facts. Trust must be rebuilt on both sides.

Donald Trump deserves to be judged by what he does – not what some fear he may do. But he’d be wise to let his actions do his talking for him, rather than ranting about the insignificant.

I’m Bill Lamb and that’s my Point of View.

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