LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Some Elizabethtown drivers have mistakenly thought they were being stopped by a police officer.

It happened at least twice recently, and in both cases, drivers pulled over because they were in front of black Ford Mustangs with bright lights.

"We had an issue here in Hardin County where a gold colored sedan actually stopping people," said Officer Virgil Willoughby with Elizabethtown Police.

After a recent case of a man impersonating a police officer in Hardin County, drivers and police are a little more alert. That's why reports of a black Ford Mustang with flashing lights on the Lincoln Parkway this week caused some concern.

There were two reports in a day, and in both cases, drivers got a license plate.

"We're talking young teenagers .. that have what they call ground effect lights," Willoughby said.

After a short investigation, police closed the case.

"According to our investigators that followed up on this, they fully feel this was just a misunderstanding," Willoughby said.

Jason Mosher, a sales representative at Elizabethtown Autosound, says he may have installed the lights on the Mustangs.

"If you're going down the road and you're blinking blue, the normal, average person will think that it is a cop," he said.

Mosher said that's why the lights come with some free advice.

"When they get something installed that has the red or the blue, we tell them ... be very weary about where you put the lighting," he said. "If it's going to blink, do not blink red or blue."

"I would caution you to talk to your children. These things can cause a lot of problems," Willoughby said. "We have to be careful what we put on our vehicles."

Willoughby said the lights are not against the law but can still be dangerous.

"In the right circumstances, they can cause a lot of problems."

Right now, police Hardin County are still looking for a suspect in the case involving that gold Chrysler. Police say the suspect is a white male.

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