RADCLIFF, Ky. (WDRB) -- A 96-year-old World War II veteran is asking for President Donald Trump's help.

“President Trump said he's going to do something great. He's going to make America great again,” Ralph Reese said.

And for the Air Force Veteran, part of making America great starts at the Veteran's Affairs hospital. He wants it brought to the city of Radcliff.

Reese is hoping the president will take notice of the issue with a large red sign that reads:

“President Trump stop the waste! Make our VA great again! Radcliff, KY VA Hospital.”

“Our military are the ones that fought all over the world in all the wars, so they need to be taken care of,” Reese said.

Reese calls the current hospital on Zorn Avenue in Louisville a mess.

“It's a bucket of worms every time you get near the traffic there and everything,” Reese said. “You might as well as add two hours, two and-a-half before the appointment.”

“I can't say enough about the people. The people up there are great. We really love those people," said Rod Reese, Ralph's son. "It's just a pain to get to the hospital."

Plans for a new hospital are in the works, but the issue is location. The U.S. Department of Veteran's Affairs already purchased a plot of land off Brownsboro Road in east Louisville in 2012.

“Brownsboro Road, that's an even bigger nightmare,” Rod Reese said.

But some communities want the VA to sell the parcel and pick a different location. like the 50 acres of free land offered at Millpond Business Park in Radcliff.

“Not just for dad, but for most veterans, there's no real traffic problems here," Rod Reese said. "It's a straight shot."

In a statement from the VA, it says it's "currently reviewing and considering substantive comments received during the open comment period in preparation of the final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) document."

However, according to the National Environmental Policy Ac,t it seems the VA did things in the wrong order. A portion of the act reads, "40 CFR 1502.2 (g)  Environmental impact statements shall serve as the means of assessing the environmental impact of proposed agency actions, rather than justifying decisions already made."

Reese hopes his sign will garner the attention of the new president on this issue.

“We think it's great that they're coming together, that they feel like that have a president that will hear them speak,” said Brent Goodin, owner and master distiller at Boundary Oak Distillery in Radcliff.

Goodin heard the problems Reese and other veterans were experiencing with the VA hospital and wanted to help. He paid for and had the sign made calling for President Trump’s attention.

“Maybe all the other people will see it too, and they'll contact President Trump," Ralph Reese said. "And if they contact him and said hey, we know you're going to make America great ... let’s make VA great for the VA for the military,” Reese said.

Ralph Reese and Goodin are still waiting for approval to place the sign at the Millpond Business Park Location.

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