(CNN) – A marathon runner from Liverpool, England is running across the U.S. re-tracing the route the character Forrest Gump made.

He’s already run the equivalent of 85 marathons, and he’s not done yet.

38 year old Rob Pope began running across the country last fall starting in Alabama and headed to the California coast. He did it, more than 2,000 miles. He had so much fun, now he’s making the return trip.

Pope said, “I just thought well, I always wanted to run across America, so why not do something really special.”

Special, like running the very same route made famous in the film Forrest Gump. He’s documenting his travels at goingthedistancerun.com, along with Facebook and Instagram, averaging about 32 miles a day.

He is hoping for an epic finish.

Pope said, “Maybe we’ll finish in the desert sometime in 2018 with like 100 people or so behind.”

Pope is raising money for two charities, the World Wildlife Fund and Peace Direct. You can donate or follow along on his social media pages.