LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Have you been hit up for Girl Scout cookies yet? You probably didn't get a sales pitch like Charlotte's.

Mike Rowe, former star of the Discovery Channel hit series, "Dirty Jobs," posted a video on his Facebook page Wednesday night in which he read a letter written by "Charlotte," a Girl Scout who said her "miniscule, but mighty" Girl Scout troop (Troop #22918) was eager to sell "delectable Girl Scout cookie boxes."

Charlotte urged the reader to purchase boxes of cookies and donate them to military troops serving overseas. Her goal was to sell 300 cookies -- but as Rowe explained, while cracking up with laughter -- she decided to employ a unique sales strategy. She decided to tell the public what she said was the truth behind the Girl Scout cookies.

"Most importantly, I would like to tell you about the cookies themselves," Charlotte wrote in her letter. "For some of the descriptions, I'm afraid, use false advertising."

Charlotte goes on to provide her own assessment of each Girl Scout cookie product, rating each one on a scale of 1-10.

Savannah Smiles cookies, Charlotte said, "are like sweet lemon wedges with just about the right balance of sweet and sour." She rated those a "7."

On the other hand, while a Trefoile cookie, "pairs nicely with any hot drink," Charlotte also describes it as "boring" and a "plain peanut butter cookie." It rated a mere "6" in her mind.

She gave the Do-si-do cookie a "5" for its "unoriginality and blandness."

On the other hand, she said the S'more cookie was for clients with "a wild sense of adventure."

"Full disclosure: I have not tried the S'more, so I cannot rate it in good conscience," she admitted.

No cookie fared worse, however, than the Toffee-tastic cookie, which Charlotte described as, "a bleak, flavorless, gluten-free wasteland."

"I tell you, it's as flavorless as dirt," Charlotte wrote.

Rowe cracked up several times while reading the letter. In the end, he urged his Facebook to visit Charlotte's Web site and purchase her cookies.

"I know a lot of people at a lot of Fortune 500 companies, and I'm gonna recommend that they hire Charlotte...to re-write their sales manual," Rowe said. "Because this kid understands the basic tenets of sales. You can't sell a product unless people first trust you, and the best way to get them to trust you is to tell them the truth -- even if the truth involves words like 'unoriginality' and 'blandness' and 'bleak, flavorless, gluten-free wasteland.'"

On Thursday, Rowe provided a video update. By that time, Charlotte, who had a goal of selling 300 cookie boxes, had sold 7,491 boxes, exceeding her 2017 fiscal goal by 2,400 percent.

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