LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Academy Award winning actress Jennifer Lawrence says she is putting her money behind a project to bring west Louisville's crime struggle to the stage.

The Jennifer Lawrence Arts Fund has promised to "match" up to $10,000 to the Kentucky Center for African American Heritage via a current crowdfunding effort of the Fund for the Arts in Louisville, said Eric Gurevich, spokesman for the Fund for Arts. Part of the effort supports "Telling our Tales: Plays from West Louisville." The series of workshops turns life into art, helping young actors and playwrights produce pieces on the community's struggle with violence, poverty and drugs.

The crowdfunding effort runs through the end of February. "The Jennifer Lawrence Arts Fund at the Fund for the Arts" will match donations to other local arts projects as well.

Find more information or to donate to the project, CLICK HERE.

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