SPENCER COUNTY, Ky. (WDRB) -- All it takes is a skimmer and a swipe for thieves to have all of your personal information, and filling up your gas tank can make you a target for thieves. 

That's what happened to some customers at the Elk Creek Gas Station and Grocery on Highway 55 in Spencer County. Police say scammers installed credit card skimmers on the pumps.

"There were two skimmers, on two separate gas pumps, here at this gas station,” said Trooper Bernie Napier with Post 12 of the Kentucky State Police.

Police found the skimmers about a week and a half ago, but there's no telling how long they were there, or how many victims had their information stolen. 

"We've got troopers and detectives working on that, to try to figure out how many victims we've got, and figure out who put the skimmers on the pumps out here,” Napier said.

This isn't the first incident like this to happen in Kentuckiana. Indiana State Police were investigating skimming at a gas station in Henryville just last week.

The manager of the Elk Creek Grocery and Gas tells WDRB the store has been cooperating with police. Trooper Napier said the store has been very helpful and turned over security video footage to help with the investigation.

Police say the skimmers have been removed and were removed correctly by special technicians. Napier says the Secret Service is also investigating the crime, but insists this incident could have happened anywhere.

"This could have happened to any business around here, not just this one here, and they've been great working with us and trying to help us get this solved,” Napier said.

Police say before you fill up, you should take a good look around before you swipe.

"Look at the pumps before you slide your card in,” Napier said. “Make sure it doesn't look like it's been tampered with. Like I said, usually if it's got a skimmer on, it sticks out just a little bit farther than a normal card reader does."

If you've used the gas station over the last couple of weeks, police also suggest monitoring your card statements and reporting anything suspicious.

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