PROSPECT, Ky. (WDRB) - Police say they found stolen knives, underwear and a meat cleaver on a man suspected in a crime spree and bizarre car crash.

Around 7 p.m. Monday, Paul and Connie Chiszar were relaxing at home when they heard and felt something at their home in Moser Farms in Prospect.

"Heard a loud noise, and the whole house shook," Paul Chiszar said.

"We heard a boom. A boom," Connie Chiszar said. "It sounded like a bomb went off."

They figured it was a bad wreck on I-71 just behind their house. It turns out the crash was into their home. 

Police say it started when a SUV side-swiped a semi. The SUV flew from I-71 down an embankment, hitting a tree, plowing through a fence, leaving behind car parts in the Chiszar's yard and dragging brush with it before hitting their home.

"At first, I didn't want to go down there, because I figured I was going to find people," Paul Chiszar said.

Afraid of finding a bloody scene full of injured people, he was surprised to find no one.

"All the windows were broke out," he said. "All the airbags deployed, and the passenger side door was open."

Police started getting phone calls from neighbors.

"They were describing a male, either Hispanic or African American, covered in blood who was knocking on doors and asking for help. Before neighbors could get him help, he would run off," said Maj. Bruce Goodfleisch with La Grange Police.

La Grange Police helped in the search for more than an hour and ended up finding 18-year-old Christopher Smyzer about a block from the crash.

"I found him curled up against a house on a deck all covered up," Goodfleisch said. "Took him in from there."

Police say they found a stolen backpack filled with some bizarre items, which were also stolen.

"Underwear, other items of clothing, some bluetooth earbuds, other electronics, butcher knives and a meat cleaver," Goodfleisch said.

Police now believe Smyzer is the shoplifter caught on camera at the La Grange Walmart just before the crash Goodfleisch says Smyzer was seen getting into the SUV, which they now believe was stolen.

"We've got information that the registered owner, who lives in Louisville, is in the process of reporting his vehicle stolen," Goodfleisch said.

Police say there is likely another person involved who may have been driving the SUV. No other arrests have been made.

Smyzer is in the Oldham County Jail facing several charges, including fleeing police, theft and leaving the scene of an accident.

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