MAMMOTH CAVE, Ky. (WDRB) -- President Donald Trump signed an executive order to freeze hiring across the federal government, including national parks.

Out of all the parks in the country, Mammoth Cave National Park may be hit the hardest by the orders, according to Public Information Officer Vickie Carson.

"Mammoth Cave is not exactly like other parks, where if you go to the Smokies to see the mountains, you can just go there and see the mountains," Carson said. "Or, if you go to see the beach, you can just go and see it. But here, to see the cave, you have to go with a ranger."

Roughly 500,000 people follow tour guides through the limestone walls at Mammoth Cave each year. Under President Trump's orders, the park can't hire 50 seasonal workers needed for its busy season. Most of those workers are tour guides, and in previous years, they would get hired in the next month.

"Right now, we're allowed to make reference calls and review applications, but we aren't allowed to make the offer," Carson said.

A Trump Spokesman says the freeze is to ensure taxpayers get effective and efficient government. Carson says she just hopes the park can hire the number of workers needed to take hundreds of thousands of tourists through Mammoth Cave this spring and summer. 

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