When city-county merger was adopted 14 years ago, it did great things for our metro area. That’s why State Senator Dan Seum’s proposed bill in Frankfort to weaken that merger is such a bad idea.

Seum’s plan is to lift the ban on the creation of new incorporated cities inside Jefferson County – you know, the kind that were exempted from the original merger agreement that range from  major population centers like St. Matthews to dozens of tiny sixth class cities containing fewer than a hundred people. I believe it would have been better to also absorb all those through the initial merger, but it was a necessary compromise that allowed the merger referendum to pass.

Nonetheless, the last thing we need is more of these pockets of non-participation. Things are already complicated enough with an “Urban Services District” that delivers more services than the county at large while charging higher taxes, and creating even more “cities within cities” would increase wasteful service duplication and further erode Louisville’s tax base.

Yes, there is a problem with too much attention often being paid to parts of Metro Louisville at the expense of other areas – notably those in the South End. But even more fragmentation isn’t the solution. In spite of Senator Seum’s wishes, our city will only continue to thrive by coming together even more – not less.

I’m Bill Lamb and that’s my Point of View.