LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- On Thursday afternoon, Shelby County Sheriff Mike Armstrong updated the public on suspected human remains -- what is believed to be a human skull -- found in a rural part of Waddy, Kentucky.

"Yesterday afternoon at about 5:07 we received a call through our dispatch that deputies were requested to come to Samples Lane --  I believe that’s the road," Sheriff Armstrong said. "They responded. They found what appeared to be a human skull. They felt that that’s what they were looking at. They contacted the appropriate agencies."

Armstrong said the apparent skull was brought to the property by a couple of dogs.

"The skull, we believe, was brought to this residence by a couple of dogs that belonged to the owner of the property where we located the skull," Sheriff Armstrong said. "We're not really sure where they brought it from. As you will see, it's rural Shelby County. It's rough terrain. It's hilly. It's woody. We're not sure of the exact area that it even came from. We're guessing somewhat what we’re doing at this point -- and we're guessing because the owner felt like that's what his dogs were going to and coming from."

Armstrong said it is too early to determine the age or gender of the skull, but it will soon be tested.

"The coroner’s office is in possession of the item we have collected -- that we found yesterday," he said. "It is my understanding that that item will be moved on to the Kentucky Medical Examiner's Office. I think they've been contacted -- from what I've been told they have."

Based on what he had seen, Armstrong said he believes that the remains are not fresh.

"I am not an expert at that," he admitted. "I am not trained in that. I would probably be safe in saying it’s been months. Maybe a year. Maybe longer. I don’t know. I know it’s not short-term. It’s long-term."

He said investigators do not believe it was dug up from a cemetery.

"We have checked at least two or three cemeteries -- that are older cemeteries -- that are on our map for Shelby County," Armstrong said. "It doesn’t appear that anything has been disturbed there, or that has come from there."

On Thursday afternoon, investigators were on the property of Don Kircher, the homeowner who reported the discovery. Crews were searching Kircher's property, as well as a 200-acre farm across the street to see if more remains could be discovered.

"At this present time we haven’t located anything," Armstrong said.

Armstrong added that the search area is "massive" and said it's very likely that animals had moved the skull as far as two miles away from its original location.

Drone video taken by WDRB News Thursday morning showed crews searching a field and wooded area near Samples Lane.

Property owner Don Kircher spoke exclusively with WDRB News Wednesday night, just hours after the skull was discovered. 

"I came back drove down the driveway, [and] they had what looked like was a human skull," Kircher said. "It was kind of shocking."

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