LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The Kentucky Derby Festival unveiled the design of the 2017 Pegasus Pin Friday.

"They say what's old is new again, and that's the case with this year's Kentucky Derby Festival Pegasus Pin," the news release states. "This years' design is a throwback to the original Pegasus Pin in 1973. The plastic pin features a cutout design with a warm, red-colored Pegasus in the center, surrounded by gray, white and teal colors."

The pins will be available beginning in March. They will sell for $6 each at 1,000 retail locations, and $7 each at the entrance to Kentucky Derby Festival events.

"Funds raised from the Pegasus Pin sales help us to continue producing events for the public and to maintain the high quality of those events," said Mike Berry, president and CEO of Kentucky Derby Festival. "When you consider the average price of a concert or movie ticket, it's an incredible deal."

For info on how to purchase the pins, CLICK HERE.

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