LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- They appreciate that President Donald Trump is trying to keep the country safe, but a group of strangers came together Friday to make a peaceful protest to how he's executing his travel ban for seven predominantly Muslim countries.

The prayer circle included Christians, Jews and several other denominations outside the River Road Mosque while the Islamic Center held midday prayers inside.

"This is almost one of the only positive things that are happening, especially for the Muslim community right now," Yomna Amer said.

Participants says it was a show of support from the Kentucky Council of Churches. 

"No fancy words, no speeches, just gathering for prayer and song and to show our love to our brothers and sisters here," Rev. Peggy Hinds said.

The prayer circle was in response to the executive order recently signed by President Trump the order imposes a travel ban on seven countries. He said it's aimed at keeping the U.S. safe.

"He obviously believes that it is legitimate, but we just disagree," Rev. Hinds said.

Dozens of local Muslims came and went for prayer Friday, and they said they appreciated the ongoing support from people they don't know showing up in their defense.

"It warms my heart that so many people here, and the rally downtown, came to show their love," Amer said.

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