MEADE COUNTY, Ky. (WDRB) -- A Meade County mother says her daughters were bullied on the bus, and Snapchats were sent to prove it. 

"There's nothing I can say to my babies to make that go away," Raven Ditto said. "Everybody has seen that now."

The girls in the Snapchat attend Meade County High School and Stuart Pepper Middle School. Administrators confirm a middle school student "snapped" a picture on the bus and put it on social media.  

"A little guy Snapchatted it to another little girl, and she sent it to my daughter and said, look what he did," Ditto said.

Ditto says bullies often target her children with racial slurs, but this picture was her breaking point. 

"Got a 400-lb. cow for sale. The calf comes with it," the Snapchat says. 

"Nobody wants to see their kid hurt," Ditto said. Nobody wants that. My heart is broken,"

"I'm a parent, too, and if I see that about my child, I'm upset, too," said Dr. John Millay, Meade County Schools Superintendent.

According to the school handbook, bullying is punishable by in-school discipline up to expulsion. 

"We try to make it a learning moment, where they can be corrected, receive the appropriate consequences and hopefully learn from it," Millay said. "That is not something we want to see. Those things hurt. Will those things happen again? We hope with that child, it will never happen again. We hope there's education and they learn, but it starts at the home, too."

Ditto's daughter said her bully was back in class on Friday. She hopes the school takes it seriously, because no child deserves this.

"If your child comes home upset or angry or sad, as a parent, you want to do anything to keep that from happening," Ditto said. "So please don't let your child be the one that's doing it to another."

Administrators confirm the child who took the photo was disciplined, but they could not say what action was taken, citing student privacy laws. 

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