LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – Next weekend, for the first time this season, we’ll have the projected Top 16 NCAA Tournament seeds to debate. The Tournament Selection Committee promised.

Until then, I studied the news from Saturday.

Eight Top 25 teams lost. Three lost to Top 25 opponents. Four stumbled to unranked opponents while playing at home.

No wonder I needed an extra hour to settle on my projected Top 16 seeds.

Take a look. (The Ken Pomeroy and Jeff Sagarin rankings are from Sunday at 9:30 a.m. The Sagarin ratings are Predictor.) Take a swing. Take a minute to disagree.

WEST (San Jose)

1. Gonzaga (Pomeroy #1, Sagarin #2) – Even if the Zags lose at Saint Mary’s Saturday, they’ll be tough to knock out of a One Seed.

2. Oregon (Pomeroy #19, Sagarin #16) – I picked Arizona as the team most likely to get to the Final Four the other day. Can I switch to the Ducks?

3. Virginia (Pomeroy #3, Sagarin #5) – Syracuse is to Virginia what Virginia is to Louisville.

4. Kentucky (Pomeroy #6, Sagarin #4) – The defense sometimes rests. Or sits on the bench and laughs.

EAST (New York)

1. Villanova (Pomeroy #4, Sagarin #7) – The Wildcats are looking at an easier path than they had last season, when they won a regional in Louisville.

2. North Carolina (Pomeroy #11, Sagarin #6) – Has ESPN mentioned the Tar Heels play Duke this week?

3. UCLA (Pomeroy #17, Sagarin #15) – The defense still is not national title worthy.

4. West Virginia (Pomeroy #5, Sagarin #1) – Sometimes the computer rankings see things that I don’t see – from a team that has lost to four unranked teams.

MIDWEST (Kansas City)

1. Kansas (Pomeroy #9, Sagarin #9) – It hasn’t been a great two weeks for Bill Self’s Eagle Scouts.

2. Florida State (Pomeroy #18, Sagarin #19) – The Seminoles get Clemson in Tallahassee Sunday. Pretend it’s a football game and get excited.

3. Arizona (Pomeroy #22, Sagarin #20) – Oregon didn’t give Sean Miller a chance to enjoy his new contract.

4. Cincinnati (Pomeroy #21, Sagarin #17) – Don’t sleep on Mick Cronin’s team. Several NBA scouts have told me they’re legit.

SOUTH (Memphis)

1. Louisville (Pomeroy #2, Sagarin #3) – Some people laughed when I said the Cardinals were trending towards a one-seed about 10 days ago. Laugh at your own risk today.

2. Baylor (Pomeroy #8, Sagarin #14) – I know the Bears beat Louisville. I also know they’ve lost back-to-back games – and the computer ratings aren’t gaga about Scott Drew’s team.

3. Wisconsin (Pomeroy #10, Sagarin #12) -- When was the last time the best team in the Big Ten was a three-seed?

4. Florida (Pomeroy #7, Sagarin #8) – The Gators got the nation’s attention Saturday night against Kentucky – and delivered.

Just missed: Purdue, Duke.

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