CRAWFORD COUNTY, Ind. (WDRB) -- A big-city problem is hitting a small Indiana county.

Last week, eight people in Crawford County were arrested in just a matter of days, all of them facing drug charges.

"It doesn't surprise me in any way," said Marlene Green, who lives in Crawford County.

Crawford County is a small community, so news -- good or bad -- travels fast.

"I just heard about it on Facebook," John Pearson said.

These days, the talk of the town involves illegal drugs, money and several arrests.

Crawford County Deputy Sheriff Shawn Scott said the first hit came on Wednesday with an out of towner.

Police say Lloyd Smith just traveling through Crawford County when he was stopped for speeding. He was ultimately arrested on drug charges.

But across town, federal probation officers we visiting on Carl Laswell for a routine check.

That visit led to seven more arrests.

"That's when they found items of paraphernalia, narcotics," Scott said.

Laswell and Dusty Fuqua were both arrested on the spot. And by Friday, police had also arrested William Smith, Shane Cole, William Laswell, Travis Green and Michael Montgomery.

"The drug problem has been here for a long time," Scott said.

Scott said the arrests are a victory in the ongoing war on drugs, but also bittersweet.

"Mr. Laswell is a classmate of mine," he said. W went through high school together. When I come back to arrest his son, I think his son and my son are the same age. That's difficult."

So far, police have uncovered meth, heroin, marijuana and several thousand dollars in cash. Longtime neighbors hope this is just the beginning.

"I wished he'd get eight more," Pearson said.

Police say this is an ongoing investigation and feel confident there will be more arrests.

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