LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – An Okolona man says RiverLink improperly billed him for crossing the tolled bridges with a car that doesn’t belong to him.

Ronald Geddes said he received a bill in the mail from RiverLink last Saturday for $20.

"I seen an envelope from RiverLink in it, and I'm thinking they better not be sending me a bill for tolls, because we haven't even been around the bridge," Geddes said.

The bill states the car made five crossings on the Lincoln and Kennedy bridges between New Year’s Eve and Jan. 16, 2017. The bill includes a picture that is very dark with a small white rectangle in the middle, which appears to be a license plate. The numbers and letters on the plate are not clearly visible.

"So I'm wondering, how many more people are getting these bills that nobody can read with a picture that's so crazy?" Geddes said. "You can't even tell what type of car it is. You can't tell the numbers."

Geddes said he called RiverLink and spoke to a representative to explain his problem. He said the representative told him they would mail him a dispute form and that “they would try to take some of the tolls off.”

On Monday, Geddes decided to go to the Department of Motor Vehicles to figure out what happened.

"I set out there, and I waited and waited and waited,” he said. “And they come out and said, 'Well, you don't have a vehicle like this.' I said, ‘I know it! I don't have that vehicle.’"

Geddes used to work in the printing industry and used a magnifying glass regularly to see fine print. He used one to try and make out the license plate in the picture.

When asked how long it took him to decipher the plate, he said, “Oh, it took a long time. And if I wasn't an ex-printer, I still wouldn't be able to read it. The people up there in the government center couldn't read it."

Representatives at the DMV searched Geddes’ old records and found that he used to own a car with the same plate number. However, about 15 years ago, that car was totaled in an accident and Geddes turned in the plates to get new ones with different numbers.

"She found where there's a discrepancy,” Geddes said. “On your license receipt, it'll say what year. So this was a 2003. And this on here was a 2008 that belongs to somebody else."

Geddes and his wife worry that if RiverLink does not fix the mistake, they will continue to be billed each time this other person’s car crosses the bridge. He filled out a dispute form and mailed it to RiverLink with a notarized letter from the Jefferson County clerk that the car and plate in the bill does not belong to him.

"You better check it real close,” Geddes warned as more people get their bills in the mail. “Because it could happen to no telling how many people. And some people might just go ahead and pay it."

RiverLink spokesperson Mindy Peterson said Wednesday that "the toll dispute form is the correct avenue and he would not be charged for a vehicle that does not belong to him."

If you need to file a dispute with RiverLink, click here to find the form to send with your proof.

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