NEW ALBANY, Ind. (WDRB) -- A southern Indiana school will close for two days because of a spike in the number of children out for illness.

Holy Family School in New Albany will be closed Thursday and Friday after a Floyd County Health Department recommendation following a flu outbreak.

“Two days away from school and then a weekend would give us time to get everybody away," Principal Jerry Ernstberger said. "Get the sick people healthy and also, mainly, prevent spreading."

Ernstberger says about 70 students were out sick on Wednesday, which is more than 20 percent of the students at the school. 

Parents say they have seen the flu virus get worse in just the past few days.

“They’re having a lot of kids, my children’s peers, are leaving during the middle of the school day because that’s when they’re getting sick and the same is happening with teachers too,” said Miranda Popp, a parent with three children at the school.

Doctors with Baptist Health Floyd are also seeing more cases. They are most concerned about young children, seniors or people with other serious conditions.

“I think we are just now seeing the beginning though, and so I think we’re going to peak here probably in another week or s,o but we’re still likely to see a lot more cases before this is over,” said Dr. Daniel Eichenberger, an internal medicine and pediatric physician who is also hospital president.

Holy Family School is hoping the closure will provide some relief.

“With this amount of time away, we should be seeing our absent numbers probably cut in half by Monday,” Principal Ernstberger said.  

The school will continue cleaning the next several days so classes can continue on Monday.

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