JCPS's just adopted "Safe Haven" resolution shouldn't be all that controversial at first glance. All it really says is that the school system won't allow immigration authorities to question students about their citizenship status without going through the proper legal channels.

Sounds good to me. The government should never be allowed to use illegal means to enforce any law. But why did the school board feel the need to draw this confrontational line in the sand in the first place?

Think about it. A lot of the problem regarding illegal immigrants in schools wouldn't even exist if JCPS had exercised just a little more scrutiny in the first place.

It should actually be pretty easy to keep illegals out of our schools from the start. Proof of various immunizations is always required before allowing any child to enroll. So is a valid address and a birth certificate. So why couldn't JCPS also make it mandatory to produce proof of citizenship before admitting any student?

If they did that, no one would have to worry about immigration officials trying to do their jobs.

About the only real thing JCPS has done with this move is attract attention and invite suspicion that it's actively trying to shield illegal immigrants from the consequences of their actions. And - oh, yes -- seriously put the entire system's federal funding in jeopardy. I fail to see the point.

I'm Bill Lamb and that's my Point of View.