LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) It's the season of chocolate, roses and love. However, it can also be a lonely one. One nationwide program is making sure seniors aren't forgotten this Valentine's Day.

The holiday took WDRB to two spots: Nanz & Kraft Florists and Carrie Belle Herd's place.

She admits it wasn't love at first sight for her and Charlie Herd. "We went to a french movie with subtitles and that's all I remember about the date. I was not interested in him, as I remember, I was pinned to somebody else," Herd said.

However, 65 years, three children and seven grandchildren later, pictures help tell their love story. "Realized we had more in common than we thought," she said. "It's been a wonderful life."

Charlie passed away two years ago. Herd said there are too many moments that she misses to name. "I don't know. I just miss him."

She said her support has helped in the transition.

This is where those flowers and Visiting Angels come in. Visiting Angels provides in home care for seniors around the country. It's filling in for cupid this Valentine's Day.

Seniors will receive a bouquet of flowers, what caregivers call Blossoms of Love.

"This is just fabulous. I can't believe Visiting Angels has done this, but it's a real treat," Herd said.

The effort is meant to bring some comfort to those missing their valentine this year like Carrie Belle and make sure their holiday, is a happy one.

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