LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Bardstown Police say they've arrested a man for raping a local woman -- and police say he's wanted in Arizona on 40 cases, including allegations of stalking, harassment, threatening women and sexual assaults.

According to a news release, 36-year-old Nathan Loebe raped a 40-year-old woman. A police report indicates he had known her for only two days, when he asked her to come to an apartment on Feb. 5.

While she was there, police say Loebe raped her. 

“He meets people on social media. Then he arranges for a meeting at a public place like a bar. Meets up with them, then it goes on from there,” said Chief Steve Uram with the Bardstown Police Department.  

Loebe was arrested on Thursday and charged with first degree rape. According to the arrest report, he admitted to engaging in what he called a "consensual" sex act, but denied the rape.

He is currently being held in the Nelson County Jail.

It's not his only charge. According to the Tucson Police Department in Arizona, police have been actively searching for Loebe since January. Loebe is currently wanted in Tucson for 40 cases involving stalking, harassment and threats made to women. He's also wanted for nine sexual assaults.

According to the arrest report, Louisville Metro Police have also been looking for Loebe, as have authorities in Colorado, Massachusetts and Ohio, where he is wanted in connection with additional sexual assaults.

Police say Loebe targets his victims via online dating sites.

Additionally, he's been accused of impersonating child star actor Brian Bonsall, known for playing the character Andrew Keaton on the 80s sitcom "Family Ties." Police say Loebe got tattoos similar to Bonsall's.

"Brian Bonsall has publicly posted warnings online that Nathan Loebe is impersonating him, using Bonsall's name to meet women online and then in person, at which time Loebe is violent and abusive," the news release states. 

“Mr. Bonsall is aware of this individual and has been searching for him for some time because he is using his name for illegal acts,” Chief Uram said.

A woman who did not want to be identified says she let Loebe stay at her apartment for a few days and was unaware of his charges.

"It's very scary because I mean it could have easily been me and you know for whatever reason, I guess God was looking out for me, it wasn't me," said the woman.

Loebe is currently being held on a $2.2 million bond.

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