SELLERSBURG, Ind. (WDRB) -- Speeding, reckless driving and driving while distracted are all taking lives on Kentuckiana roadways.

To change trends and ultimately save lives, Indiana State Police are doing weekly traffic details.

"We'll have a trooper set up to call off the vehicles that are speeding, usually call off the speed, what lane they're in," Trooper David Barclay said.

Every year, there are hundreds fatalities on Indiana roadways.

Trooper Barclay said despite what people think, the goal of pulling drivers over is to make some changes behind the wheel.

"It's trying to change peoples' driving behavior, to slow them down, reduce crashes," he said. "You might get there two minutes late, but at least you're going to get there rather than ending up at the hospital or worse."

If you are hitting the gas pedal too hard, be prepared for the state to hit your wallet.

"All speeding in this county is the same,' Trooper Barclay said. "It's going to be $169."

"Why were you guys stopped today? Um, speeding," said Patrick Kedzierski, who was caught speeding.

Kedzierski is from Chicago, but quickly learned ignorance of the law is no excuse.

"I thought it was 70 the whole way, but I guess it's 55 over here, so I'm going to slow it down on the way back," Kedzierski said.

ISP will continue doing these traffic details through the end of the year.

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