Last week’s announcement that OSHA has discovered serious sanitary violations in Metro Police Department Headquarters provided vindication to those who have been complaining about such problems for some time now. But that does nothing whatsoever for the many who may have suffered serious medical consequences because of their daily contact with the extremely filthy environment.

OSHA may just now be confirming this situation. But that doesn’t mean that many people in positions of authority haven’t been aware of it for months, and probably longer. In fact, the OSHA report quotes officials at LMPD who admit that the problem has existed for years, and has considerably worsened since last spring.

Mayor Fischer is saying all the right things about it being a “horrible situation.” And he’s now moving many workers to other locations and announcing plans to discuss building a new police headquarters. But why was nothing done earlier?

We’re not talking about minor issues here. We’re talking about people who say they work at desks covered in plastic because raw human sewage was dripping on them. These are problems that responsible people address before they become major news stories – not just when keeping it quiet is no longer possible.

I hope Mayor Fischer is successful in fast-tracking a new police headquarters. But even that won’t undo a lot of serious harm that’s already been done.

I’m Bill Lamb and that’s my Point of View.