LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – A Louisville Metro Police detective accused of giving false testimony to a Jefferson County grand jury in order to obtain a murder indictment against an 18-year-old is now being sued, along with the city, for malicious prosecution and wrongful incarceration.

Isaiah Jenkins, along with Maunyeh Haggard, was accused of shooting 31-year-old Andrew C. Key-Roper on Jan. 28, 2015, at the Russell Apartments at the corner of S. 18th Street and Muhammad Ali Boulevard. Jenkins spent more than a year in jail awaiting trial.

But Julie Kaelin, who represented Jenkins, said her client had nothing to do with a robbery or murder and was only indicted because of "false, misleading and calculated" testimony from Sgt. Scott Beatty, according to court records. The charges against Jenkins were dismissed and prosecutors agreed to allow Jenkins to expunge the case from his record.

Beatty was exonerated on a charge of untruthfulness on Sept. 19, according to a letter written by Chief Steve Conrad.

The lawsuit, filed last week in Jefferson Circuit Court, names Beatty, Det. Emily McKinley – who is now head of the department’s homicide unit – and the city. The lawsuit claims Beatty and McKinley knew Jenkins was innocent but pursued charges against him anyway.

The suit claims police “falsified and/or misinterpreted key facts in order to secure an indictment.”

Police and city officials do not comment on pending litigation.

In February 2016, police denied the allegations from Kaelin, and Lt. Todd Kessinger told reporters there would be no investigation of Beatty.

An investigation was launched a week after Kessinger’s comments.

Beatty, according to court records, told a grand jury that "both suspects were positively identified through witness statements and photo-packs as being the ones responsible for the victim's death."

"This is simply untrue," Kaelin said in a Feb. 10, 2016, motion to Judge Olu Stevens, asking to dismiss the case. "The grand jurors of Jefferson County were led to believe that multiple witnesses indicated Isaiah Jenkins was responsible for the victim's death. This is categorically false."

Prosecutors, according to Kaelin, did not have a single witness who "actually makes such a statement or anything even resembling such an accusation."

Prosecutors and police said Kaelin's motion had nothing to do with the prosecution agreeing to dismiss the case.

Beatty also wrote in a police citation that Jenkins "admitted to participating in a robbery of an individual, where an additional victim was shot and killed," Kaelin wrote. "This is absolutely false."

Kaelin called other testimony "absolutely fiction invented by Detective Beatty."

Kaelin claimed every witness involved identified Haggard as the shooter. One witness identified Jenkins as being present but was "just sitting there," she wrote in April.

"The police are not allowed to mislead a Grand Jury or Circuit Court judge, both of which occurred in this case," Kaelin said in her motion.

The lawsuit claims there are other similar cases, claiming police have a “pattern of locking up young men of limited means and resources upon fabricated” or weak evidence.

The suit is seeking monetary damages and a jury trial.

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