There’s very little more cringe-worthy than hearing someone support one of your positions while sounding foolish in the process. But that’s where I found myself Saturday night when President Trump, while talking about the problem of uncontrolled immigration, exposed himself to ridicule by referring to some sort of imaginary terror attack that had supposedly taken place in Sweden the night before.

I agree with Mr. Trump that America needs a stricter immigration policy.  And I also agree the national media has a liberal bias that makes them attack almost everything he says or does.  But it is ironic that the guy who says the mainstream media is giving us fake news, makes something up out of the blue, again, and tells the world about it.

Mr. Trump’s position on immigration can be argued rationally. So why would he want to look uninformed and undermine his credibility by making such an obviously ludicrous claim?

All he did was guarantee that the resulting story in the national press would focus not on illegal immigration but upon him serving up yet another unbelievable whopper. 

I agree with Mr. Trump on several issues. But when I support someone, I do so in the hope that they’ll at least hold up their end by conducting themselves in a way that won’t embarrass me.

On that point, I could use a little more encouragement.

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