LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Shawnee High School was placed on heightened security Wednesday morning after gunfire in the neighborhood and a stray bullet apparently shattered one of the school's windows.

MetroSafe says the gunshots were reported around 8:15 a.m. in the vicinity of the school, which is located off 40th and Market Streets in west Louisville.

According to a letter being sent home to parents from principal Venita Benboe, the "school went on heightened security because of police activity in the neighborhood. There were reports that shots were fired in the neighborhood outside of our building. Once the incident was over, I surveyed all of the classrooms and found one of our school windows had been hit and a bullet fragment was found in one of our classrooms."

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A student inside the room told WDRB she was scared as soon as the window shattered.

"We were just singing, and all we hear is something break through the glass, and everybody just got down and all we see is the glass shattering everywhere," the student said. "Some people even rushed to the windows, which kind of made things bad ... that was putting our lives in jeopardy since someone shot through the window in the first place." 

Some parents were clearly upset the school was not placed on an official lock down despite bullet fragments being found in the room.

"Basically, they put it on the same security standard they would if there was a fight in the hallway," said Cassi Clifford, a parent of a Shawnee High School student.

"There were at least four audible gun shots," a source told WDRB. "The bullet that went through the band window ricocheted off a bar on the window and luckily did not hit anyone in the room. We believe it would have hit one student specifically if it hadn't ricocheted."

Although the gunfire did not happen inside Shawnee, parents and students say this is the second time in a week that they've been scared.

Last week, a man brought a gun onto the school's campus and caused such a disturbance that the school was placed on lock down.

Earlier this school year, WDRB reported about how student fights and classroom disruptions at the west end school are preventing students from learning.

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