By Paul Robinson
Point of View Guest Editorial

According to the Department of Community Based Services, there are currently over 8,100 children in out-of-home care across Kentucky. They have been removed from their parents’ custody because of abuse or neglect.

State officials and children’s advocates agree that recent increases in sexual and physical violence against children can be blamed on the rising heroin epidemic sweeping our state. But child abuse is not new, and regardless of its cause, too many parents are turning their backs on their kids. 

The victims here are children -- children who should have been able to count on their parents for protection, stability and love.  As the President and CEO of Home of the Innocents, I see the very worst of what adults can do to their kids.

In 2016, 471 children spent at least one night in our residential shelter.  280 of those kids were brought by police.  These kids didn’t just come from Louisville; they came from 69 counties across our state.

All it takes is one look into the haunted eyes of a child to know that as a community we can do better.  

Today, resources are stretched thinner than ever. As the number of children who need care and support continues to rise, funding continues to fall.  I encourage everyone to find a way to support our community’s children through one of the wonderful agencies in town to show our kids they matter.

I’m Paul Robinson, and that’s my point of view.