During Jeffersonville Mayor Mike Moore's State of the City address before the Rotary Club at the Indiana American Water Company building Tuesday, he said the city is calling for new development.

The Lewis and Clark Bridge in Jeffersonville's east end officially opened in November, and Moore said more needs to come with it.

"A lot of people worked for a very long time to make those bridges possible," he said. The impact of all of those peoples’ work, and the bridges themselves, on Jeffersonville’s future is really without measure. [But] the most significant thing to happen in our city during 2016 came in the form of a whole lot of smaller stories and headlines that were all the result of one really big thing: Togetherness."

$36 million dollars will be spent on infrastructure improvement in the next five years. That includes reconstructing Holmans Lane and finishing the widening of 10th Street by December. Nearly 180 acres are also being developed on both sides of 10th Street before the I-265 interchange.

"On one side of the road will be a new mega Kroger,” Moore said. “And on the other, there will be a new Baptist East facility. Both developments will quickly attract restaurants and retail."

Moore says 6,000 new jobs have been created in the city in the last five years. Amazon was the spark needed for River Ridge to continue welcoming new businesses. Others are coming to the Industrial Park and Veterans Parkway.

The new Arts and Cultural District made out of large shipping containers will transform a ten-block area around Court Avenue.

"It's a lit pathway that's going to walk you all through this district, but the venues in these containers are really exciting, because you're going to see some of the containers converted into little restaurants, little night clubs, little concert settings,” Moore said.

New hotels, restaurants and retail are molding 10th and Spring Street with a $25 million dollar private investment.

Lastly, the Mayor says nearly 600 new homes were built in the city in the last six years.

“We are seeing a need for more officers just to be for supportive services for the city, with the growth that's happening in our city right now,” Jeffersonville Police Chief Kenny Kavanaugh said.

Both the Jeffersonville Police Department and fire department hired three new officers and three new firefighters last year. The police department will hire at least six new officers next year.

“We've done so much in the last year and we've done it without raising taxes and ending last year with a budget surplus,” Moore said. 

"The state of our city is strong. The state of our city is peaceful. And the state of our city is flourishing."

Below is the full text of Moore's speech:

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