MEMPHIS, Ind. (WDRB) -- Residents in Borden, Indiana are cleaning up after overnight storms brought down numerous trees and power lines, and damaged homes, cars and other property. 

The storm also prompted a number of road closures in the Borden area. 

Emergency crews and Indiana State Police spent the morning responding to downed trees blocking roadways, and vehicles in ditches.


In Memphis, Indiana, the storms ripped an RV to shreds, leaving a mattress and cabinets all over the ground. Dozens of trees were torn in half in the area.
Many families were forced to take cover in their basements.

Darrell Short took cover in the basement until the storm passed. He says the house wasn't heavily damaged, but a lot of trees were snapped or uprooted. 

"We have cedar trees down, twisted probably 10-12 feet off the ground, a lot of them uprooted," Short said. "The house seems to be intact, but everything else -- it looks like a bomb went off here." 

Some families were forced to take cover wherever they could find it. Tracy Hart says her family escaped injury after her daughter called to warn her about the approaching storm. 

"Around 6:30 this morning, my daughter, Brianna, called me and she told me there was a tornado warning headed toward us and that we needed to get to a safe spot. So we got the kids from upstairs -- and the hole in the roof is over my son's room where he was sitting at." 

The family rode out the storm in a pantry room, in the middle of the house. Hart says she believes it was a tornado. 

"I've been in several tornadoes -- I'm guaranteeing you it was a tornado, at least a small one," Hart said. "You could hear it, it was really loud and it shook the house." Indiana State Police reported receiving close to 200 calls between 2 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. Officials had to wait until daylight to fully assess the damage. 

Fortunately, no injuries have been reported. 

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