LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Door-to-door salesmen are offering Floyd County neighbors cheap meat -- but the sheriff says it's fishy.

Authorities say there are two things you should ask for to keep from getting a raw deal.

When two strangers knocked on Crystal Coddington's door Wednesday night, she said they left a bad taste in her mouth.

"They were selling packaged meat -- like freezer-packed meat -- and they had a red step-side Ford Ranger -- probably like 2000s," Coddington said. "He had, like, burgers and steaks and chicken."

Coddington says it wasn't the merchandise that raised her ire. It was the actions of the strangers.

"When they walked in my house, passed me without asking," she said. "They insisted they had to come in."

"The one guy was trying to keep us entertained -- telling us all these prices -- while the other guy cased the place," she added.

She says one salesmen asked to use the bathroom and then tried to look through her bedrooms. Then she says he went outside claiming to grab more brochures, but she found him doing something else.

She found him in the passenger seat of her car, going through her purse.

"He turned around and saw that I watched him, and he shut my door and immediately came back inside and said, 'Oh I have the same car, and I was just looking for what year it was,'" Coddington said.

Floyd County Sheriff Frank Loop says it's confusing to spot, since there are legitimate door-to-door meat salesmen in Kentuckiana.

"Most of the time we run into these situations, the people are trying to steal, and they're just trying to come across as one thing, while they divert you and steal from you," said Floyd County Sheriff Frank Loop. "It's all related to our continuing drug problem."

How can you tell what's real?

If a meat salesmen comes to your front door, the sheriff says there are two things you need to ask for: a permit from the health department, and one to solicit.

"If they don't have it, I'd say, 'No thank you' and shut the door," Loop said. "If they stand there, call 911."

That's what Coddington did.

"Instantly said we're not interested, said, 'No, we're not giving you any money today,'" she said. 

Coddington got the salesmen out of her home, called 911 and posted the story to Facebook. She received several responses with similarly suspicious experiences.

"They just took away the safety in my house," Coddington added. "So I don't feel safe."

"We already identified them on Facebook, and so it's just a matter of following up and figuring out what crimes they committed and what crimes they didn't," Coddington said.

The sheriff says there was no crime at Coddington's home because she got the men out before they stole anything of value, but his investigation is ongoing as there are several complaints matching the description of suspicious meat salesmen in a red pickup truck.

If you've had an encounter, contact the Floyd County Sheriff's Office at (812) 948-5400.

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