CAMPBELLSBURG, Ky. (WDRB) -- Indiana and Kentucky are still cleaning up days after tornadoes tore a path through the area.

The National Weather Service now confirms an EF-1 tornado touched down two miles north of Campbellsburg.

The tornado with 100 mph winds did extensive damage to farms along Jones Lane while it was on the ground for a mile.

Betsy Moore who has lived on a farm in the area for more than 50 years lost several barns and had winds tear apart other buildings on the property.

“It just took everything that I worked all my life for,” Moore said.

She no longer has insurance on the farm and is not sure how she is going to rebuild.

A neighbor, Janice Stanley, saw damage to her home and pool.

"I woke up just as it hit," she said. "The bedroom door was rattling, and I jumped up and it felt and sounded just like a helicopter was landing in the living room."

She was expecting some amount of destruction, even though Henry County was under a severe thunderstorm warning with a possibility of a tornado and never had a tornado warning issued by the National Weather Service.

"Many times, if we have a very distinct signal of a tornado, we will go with a tornado warning," said WDRB Chief Meteorologist Marc Weinberg. "When there is some question, and a lot of times when these are happening so fast, you're not able to get that verification from the ground."

Weinberg says the National Weather Service wants to make sure it is not diluting the warning process by issuing tornado warnings unless clear evidence exists.

Parts of Henry County also saw damage from straight-line winds.

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