NEW ALBANY, IN. (WDRB) – To college basketball coaches all over the country, he’s a star on the rise.

A program changer.

A human highlight.

But ask New Albany Junior Romeo Langford to describe himself and he’ll tell you he’s just your average kid.

“I feel like I’m a normal little teenager,” says the 17-year-old..

Not quite.

Normal doesn’t do twisting reverse jams.

Normal doesn’t average nearly 30 points a game.

And normal doesn’t have fans chanting his name after games.

Yes, a unique tradition has developed after New Albany games. Kids will wait out the locker room the team’s locker room, hoping to get an autograph or a picture of one of the hottest prospects in the country.

“It sort of gained momentum each and every year,” said head coach Jim Shannon.  “It just got the point where it was taking 30 minutes to an hour for Romeo to sign autographs.”

And Romeo tries to sign them all. Never mind the fact, he’s probably exhausted after a big night, he wants to make sure everyone goes home happy.

“If they took time to see me play, I’m going to wait and sign no matter how long it takes,” said Langford, who still has yet to decide where he will attend college in the fall of 2018. 

Amazingly, Romeo’s teammates are okay with this. After all, they are the ones who have to wait it out until every last piece of paper is signed.

“You are like wow,” said New Albany senior Isaac Hibbard. “They go after him like he’s an NBA All-Star.”

For the most part, most people get Romeo to sign a peace of paper but he admits at times, things do get weird.

“A kid asked me if could sign his forehead and I’m like, 'would your mom want you to do this?'"

Probably not but in the case, it might be fine. After all, it’s a once in a life time moment with potentially a once in a lifetime player.

“I think it’s about what I can become. What I’m doing right now, I’m leading to the way of possibly being in the NBA,” said Langford.

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