LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A Shively Police detective was shot four times.

One year later the gunmen sits in jail, but not for long. Kenneth Probus, the man who pulled the trigger was granted shock probation.

He will be released from Metro Corrections on March 31, barely more than two months into a five-year sentence for shooting Detective Wes Singleton in January of 2016.

Shively Police say Probus shot Detective Singleton as he was serving a warrant.

At first, Probus was charged with attempted murder of a police officer and a host of other drug offenses, but then the defense began painting a different picture.

Probus, a 54-year-old former EMT and marine, with no serious criminal history said officers kicked in his door wearing plain clothes while he was sleeping.

His attorneys say Probus was a legal gun owner who thought he was being robbed.

"He was good person -- a taxpayers -- and he was a legal gun owner," said attorney Leland Hulbert. "He was asleep in his room when police kicked in his door. He had no idea they were police."

"He thought he was being robbed or burglarized," Hulbert added.

Detective Singleton took four bullets to the leg, but Probus was also shot and injured.

In January of this year, Probus cut a plea deal admitting to assault and wanton endangerment and prosecutors dropped all other charges.

Probus must serve 90 days of home incarceration after his release.

During the hearing, Probus expressed remorse.

"I just want to apologize," he said, adding that, "My prayers to go out to the detective and their family and I'd like everyone to be able to go on with their life and put this behind them."

Detective Singleton and Shively Police declined to comment on Probus' release.

After the sentencing, the detective said he'd forgiven Probus, but he fought to keep him in jail.

"I can't help but wonder if the bullet that struck this badge was meant to take my life," Singleton said.

"I do think shock probation at 30 days is inappropriate," he added. "We are seeing every day the ravages hard drugs like meth and heroin take on our community. When we're seeing gun violence against police on the rise, it would send the absolute wrong message."

In the end the message is one of second chances.  Probus gets out of jail March 31, followed by 90 days of home incarceration.

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