Kristen Williams and her family are from west Louisville. She's passionate about books, and before her son Agyei was born, she volunteered for local non-profits reading to children.

Now that her son is getting older, she says there are two things she wants to accomplish: She wants to continue to create a world where her son feels accepted and where people of all cultures feel accepted.

“When he was born, I knew I really had to work hard and be intentional about finding materials that reflected a positive world for him, where people were going to receive him in a positive way and see the best in him,” Williams said. “I wanted to collect as many positive examples of blackness as possible for my son and really just people of color in general.”

That's why she's opening Blackberry Books and Coffee in the fall in the Russell neighborhood. The coffee shop and multi-cultural book store will be the first of its kind for this part of town.

“As soon as you step off your porch in west Louisville, you're practically loitering, because there aren't very many places you can go where you're welcome to sit down,” Williams said. 

Blackberry will sell Sunergos Coffee, locally grown fruits and vegetables, and new and used books for both children and adults.

Williams says it will be somewhere in the Russell neighborhood, but she hasn't found a storefront yet. To help Williams find a storefront, donate by clicking here

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