Trevor and Derek Young are third generation ice cream scoopers.

“We're a family business,” Derek Young said.

 The philosophy at both Zesto and Chillers for more than 60 years is churn the ice cream, freeze it, and serve it right away.

“The reason our ice cream is so creamy is just because it's so fresh," Derek Young said. "We make it one day, we freeze it, and then we serve it the next day."

The brothers grew up helping their grandfather and parents at Zesto before they started their own ice cream shop called Chillers.

Now, they're whipping up something different. Chillburger is coming to LaFollette Station in Floyds Knobs in July. It will be the family’s first sit-down restaurant and will serve locally sourced burgers, chicken, fish, beer, wine and of course, the family ice cream.

“We are taking our great ice cream that we know how to do, and we've combined it with this burger we've been working on for a year and a half,” Trevor Young said.

“We really wanted to focus on where this stuff is coming from, how can we source it, and we wanted to track it from farm to table," Derek Young said. "So that was really important to us."

They say sustainability is key, which is why they promise every burger sold will help feed a child in need through charity. They predict they will be able to help 400 children a day through the Floyds Knobs Chillburger. 

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