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POV | Graffiti -- a battle of wills

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While graffiti is still as prevalent as ever in downtown and surrounding neighborhoods, the sad truth now is that no area is free from its ugly presence. WDRB News did a story last week about how the scourge of graffiti has even spread to Kentucky’s Red River Gorge, one of the world’s most beautiful natural landscapes.

And it’s not just here. In my travels, I’ve been heartbroken to see legendary cities like Rome and Athens permanently scarred by vandals with no regard for the history they’re desecrating.

Even worse, this is a problem with seemingly no solution. The few culprits who may see this aren’t going to quit just because I said so. And current laws can’t keep those few who are caught in the act and arrested from going right back out and doing it again.

The Mayor’s office has committed to cleaning up as much of this junk as possible on city owned property, but government is handcuffed when it comes to cleaning up graffiti on private property. So as irritating as it is, it’s imperative that all property owners commit to erasing graffiti that appears on their turf as completely and quickly as possible, as often as necessary.

Yes, it’s an expense. And no, it’s not fair. But constant persistence is the only weapon we have in the fight against these single-minded idiots.  This is a classic battle of wills, and ours must prevail.

I’m Bill Lamb and that’s my Point of View.

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