LEXINGTON, Ky. (WDRB) -- New experiments in space aim to find cures for common diseases -- and they're designed in Kentucky. 

They're captivating images of a liftoff to space. On board a recent SpaceX launch are experiments that were designed here.

"No one believes that this is here on Short Street in downtown Lexington. I don't even try to explain it," Twyman Clements said, CEO and President of Space Tango.

Space Tango is a starter company that's not even two years old and it's already gaining insight into medical mysteries.

"What if the next medical revolution isn't on the planet earth?" Kris Kimel said, Chairman of Space Tango and Founder of Exomedicine.

The entrepreneurial team communicates daily with astronauts at the International Space Station. Through an agreement with NASA, they're researching in space to find cures for common diseases on earth, also known as Exomedicine. "Areas of cancer, regenerative medicine, cystic fibrosis, autoimmune disorders and diabetes."

It's thanks to microgravity. "Once you leave the gravity well over the earth, all physical and biological systems are scrambled and so when you have that scrambling effect outside of gravity, it can let you understand or see things in these systems and disease processes that you would never see on Earth."

Through its customers, Space Tango designs experiments to put into cubes. 21 experiments can fit into this lab. "You go to space because often times, you see things that you would never see on earth."

The experiments will spend about a month in space, before returning. "Return's key for us because we want to utilize microgravity as a platform for discovery," Clements said. 

It's a new era in space and medicine launched from closer to home. 

Space Tango has gone on several launches, with at least three more planned this year.

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