LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- An Elizabethtown woman has been arrested after authorities say she performed a sex act on a 14-year-old boy while employed as a counselor at a Mt. Washington children's center.

According to an arrest report, 29-year-old Stephanie Emory was employed at Sunrise Children's Services on Hope Street, near the Mt. Washington Bypass, in October, when she performed oral sex on the 14-year-old boy inside his room.

She also allegedly admitted to giving the child a Gabapentin pill. Gabapentin is a prescription medication commonly used to calm nerves. According to police, the drug had not been prescribed to the teen. Police say he refused to take the pill.

Police say Emory quit her job at the center in January. She was arrested Thursday afternoon by the Mt. Washington Police Department. She is charged with third degree sodomy, engaging in an unlawful transaction with a minor and trafficking in a legend (prescription) drug.

She is currently being held in the Bullitt County Detention Center.

She was arraigned in a Bullitt County courtroom Friday morning. Her bond was set at $25,000 and a Bullitt County judge ordered her not to have any contact with anyone under the age of 18 -- including the victim -- except for her own children.

She was still in jail as of Friday afternoon.

Sunrise is a non-profit organization that, "provides hope and healing through Christ-centered ministries," according to its Facebook page. The group caters to abused, neglected or at-risk youth, and provides services including foster care, residential treatment centers and adoption services.

Late Friday afternoon, Dale Suttles, president of Sunrise Children's Services, released a statement:

"Stephanie Emory was an employee of Sunrise Children’s Services and worked as a direct care counselor at the agency’s Spring Meadows residential facility in Mt. Washington. She is no longer employed with Sunrise.

We are incredibly saddened by this situation and our thoughts and prayers are with the young man involved in this allegation. Giving children a safe haven is the cornerstone of our mission and values, and our direct-care team members receive extensive training on how to best work with and provide care for our clients. We care deeply about the safety and protection of all kids, especially those who have been entrusted to our care.”

We are taking this allegation very seriously and will continue cooperating with authorities to ensure they get the information needed to complete a thorough investigation."

The Spring Meadows facility serves up to 20 severely abused boys ages 12-18. The website says its 18,000 square foot facility provides housing, meals, education and recreational space, along with outdoor areas. The website says boys receive individual, group and family therapy, with drug and alcohol counseling available for those who need it.

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