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POV | The Bigots are Feeling Empowered

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A few weeks ago, I criticized what I called “the overall coarsening of human interaction that’s been plaguing America,” and my example was the rude, obnoxious behavior that’s often exhibited by fans at sports events. But a far more serious manifestation of this problem has emerged since the start of the year: a plague of bomb threats made toward Jewish schools, offices and other facilities across the nation. And the problem hit home last week, when a threat caused the evacuation of over 100 people from Louisville’s own Jewish Community Center.

No one was harmed – physically. And the outpouring of support for members of our Jewish community was loud and immediate following the incident. But the fact that this trend of intimidation seems to be gaining steam rather than abating is evidence of a definite and pronounced dark turn this country can’t afford to take.

Bigots will always be with us. But when they begin to feel empowered to act out their prejudices in sufficient numbers to create this recent epidemic of hate, society has a big problem on its hands. And it’s important that we all do some self-examination to determine if we’re contributing to an environment that gives aid and comfort to such malcontents.

Why do you think this problem is getting worse? Call and tell us.

I’m Bill Lamb and that’s my Point of View.

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