LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A man arrested on a drug charge led deputies on a wild foot chase through downtown Lexington as he tried to escape custody.

Timothy Kanatzer was in court for a domestic violence charge, and Fayette County deputies arrested him after the hearing for a drug warrant. When they put Kanatzer in a transport vehicle, he allegedly kicked out a window then ran to a nearby office building.

Bill Griffin says he saw part of the chase unfold. 

"I was eating lunch at my desk, and a guy ran up the stairs with handcuffs on," Griffin said. "He ran by my desk and up to the third floor and locked himself into a file cabinet room."

Kanatzer then allegedly threw a paper shredder through the office window, and jumped from the 3rd floor down to a restaurant's deck..Deputies caught him as he was trying to scale the wall.

In addition to the previous charges, Kanatzer is now facing criminal mischief, escape, fleeing and burglary charges.

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