HARDIN COUNTY, Ky. (WDRB) – When three of five suspects in a Hardin County case made plea deals, they shed some light on what might have led up to a woman being attacked and nearly killed last January.

The victim, Dealynn O’Connor, said strangers attacked her and tried to force her to jump off the Brandenburg bridge January 2016. Schawn Millin, Angela New, Christopher Deaton, Marc McCoy, and Trevor Brown were each facing different combinations of charges including kidnapping with serious physical injury, robbery, and attempted murder.

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Tuesday in Hardin County court, each suspect had a pretrial conference. Millin, New, and Deaton took plea deals with the Commonwealth. In exchange for their testimony at trial, the murder charges will be dropped if the judge deems their testimony truthful.

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Millin answered questions from the Commonwealth attorney first. She said Marc McCoy brought O’Connor to her home in Radcliff, and she admitted there was meth in her home at the time. She also told the judge McCoy and O’Connor talked about going to California with a third person to get meth, bring it back, and sell it.

Millin said there was a struggle with O’Connor at one point, but she didn’t know why or how badly O’Connor was hurt. Millin told the judge she called Trevor Brown to come get O’Connor and McCoy out of her home.

Millin said she never stabbed the victim or stole anything. She told the judge she left with her kids and then turned herself in the next day.

After Millin, Christopher Deaton made a plea deal. He said he got a call from Brown to follow a car. Deaton said he did not know who was inside or what was going on. He told the judge he followed the car to the bridge and stopped. Deaton explained he saw Brown get out of the car in front, and then Brown got a woman out of the car holding a sheet on her head.

Deaton said he didn’t see what happened and that Brown never said what happened. Deaton made a statement to police. You can find that document here:

Next, New explained to the judge what she said happened. New said she was at Millin’s home to do her laundry. She also said everyone in the home was doing meth. New admitted O’Connor made a joke at one point and things were tense because she didn’t think it was funny.

New explained to the judge that O’Connor asked them if they would distribute the meth she and McCoy planned to bring back from California. New said the situation escalated when she thought O’Connor had a gun. New explained she shoved O’Connor, checked to see she didn’t have a gun, then punched her and took her money.

New said McCoy continued to hit and kick O’Connor. New told the judge she left and never knew what happened to O’Connor after that.

Marc McCoy and Trevor Brown did not make plea deals on Tuesday. Both of their attorneys made motions for continuance. McCoy’s attorney said more time is needed to prepare, because the plea deals are “highly prejudicial” against McCoy. Brown’s attorney said with the other three suspects testifying against Brown, it changes things and more preparation time is needed to analyze evidence.

An arrest warrant for Brown can be found here:

It details what police say happened warranting his arrest. The same description is provided in the warrants for McCoy, Millin, and New.

Each of the five suspects is still going to trial, the plea deals only change how many charges each person faces. The trial is scheduled to start Monday. The judge could make a decision on the motion for continuance by Thursday.

Six months after O’Connor was attacked, she was shot and killed at her home by a different person. This trial for the five suspects is not connected to her murder.

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