SELLERSBURG, Ind. (WDRB) -- After Kentucky legislators passed a bill allowing charter schools in the commonwealth, some are looking for a better understanding of what the schools are.   

Rock Creek Academy is a non-profit charter school in Sellersburg, Indiana.

Ball State University authorized and oversees the academy. The school also has to administer state tests and is subject to other regulations.

The superintendent and principal, Sara Hauselman, says many people do not know the difference between private and charter schools.

“When I look at them and say we don’t have tuition this is a public school, they understood in their minds that we were a public school, but they didn’t understand the part about there’s no tuition,” Hauselman said.

The school receives public funding. The superintendent says the money totals about $5,200 per student. Parents do have to pay a fee for books and supplies.

Kenneth Winans has two students at the school and a daughter who graduated from Rock Creek. The family decided to move their children from public schools.

“Our youngest son did not do well during kindergarten, and they were going to push him on through, and we were not prepared to let them do that,” Winans said.

The superintendent thinks it could take longer for the first charter schools to show up in Kentucky because universities are not allowed to set them up.

In Kentucky, charters must be approved by school boards or the mayors of Louisville or Lexington.  

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin has not yet signed the bill. He is a longtime supporter of charter schools.

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