LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Slashing every tire on every vehicle, surveillance video from Thursday night shows a vandal's attack on a local lawn care business, and the owner thinks he knows who is responsible.

In all, 34 tires slashed on every truck at Mike Osbourn's Lawn Care business in Bullitt County. 

"I had to call all of my customers today and say, 'hey, I can't make it,'" Osbourn said. 

Police were called but Osbourn says he already knows who is responsible. He suspects a former employee. 

He came to that conclusion after hearing from one worker, Garrett Kingsley. 

"He told me about him needing me to be some type of lookout for something, he wouldn't say what it was. He just said he seen a post of Facebook that Mike made awhile back and he wasn't very happy with it, he was going to do something about it," Kingsley said. 

The hit to the business comes as the busiest time of year for lawn care services is right around the corner with the official start of spring on Monday. 

"We're anxious to work, spray weeds, cut grass, get out there spread the mulch and then this happens to us," Osbourn said.

For now, Osbourn and his 18 employees will have to wait out the slow season a little longer. 

"There's no way I have six to seven thousand laying around here to buy tires for all of our trucks, I just don't have it," he said.

Hillview Police are investigating. So far, no one has been arrested. 

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