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Story by Abby Knight / KBTX

CALDWELL, Texas (KBTX) -- The Caldwell, Texas, community is mourning the loss of 10-year-old girl who died Saturday night at the Caldwell Rodeo.

Piper Faust was about to compete in barrel racing when her horse was spooked and fell backwards on top of her.

Faust’s parents said their daughter had made a huge impact on the community in her short years.

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At 10-years-old, Piper was competitive, lively and helpful. Her father, Brian Faust, said it was Piper's personality that made many adore her.

"People just met her and they were drawn to her. She was the brightest little star," said Brian Faust.

Her mother, Rhonda, said Piper was a spitfire, competing in rodeo, dance and softball. She said Piper did everything with all of her heart.

"She had an all-around spirit that was just infection with a beautiful smile that she just came across to anyone anybody they were her friends. Her smile just made you smile,” said Rhonda Faust.

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Her parents say her determination gave her a competitive edge in everything she pursued, including softball.

"She was just this tiny girl with so much attitude, and they were not going to steal on her," said Rhonda.

Piper's parents tell us for the last six months, she stopped all of her activities to focus on what she loved the most: rodeo. They have no doubt that she went home to heaven in the place that gave her the greatest peace.

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"I think her heart stopped in the arena. She left her soul where she loved it," said Brian.

Her parents tell us Piper had an old soul and was constantly speaking about angels and her future.

"She'd always talk to the angels, and they would talk to her, and she always told us that she wouldn't live to be old, that she would die young, and she knew it," said Brian.

We are told there will be several events held in Piper's honor. The details are still being finalized.

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