LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A 20-year old University of Louisville student killed this weekend is all the talk on campus.

A U of L administrator is even joining the call from police and family members for witnesses to come forward.

Savannah Walker was a well-known student and on the debate team at U of L. She was shot and killed during a weekend concert at The Tim Faulkner Art Gallery.

"Some students stand out, and you'll remember," said Dr. Ricky Jones, Chair of Pan African Studies at the University of Louisville.

Dr. Jones had Walker in class twice and said she was more than just one of his students.

"I see all of these kids as family."

Dr. Jones even has a class selfie on his Facebook page that includes Walker and her classmates.

"It was the end of the semester, and it's one of my favorite classes in recent memory," he said.

Jones didn't have Walker in class this semester but stayed in contact with her and plans to spend time talking about the tragedy.

"Our schedule is going to get delayed in my, class more than likely," Dr. Jones said. "There are friends of hers who were in that class.

"We're probably going to take the whole class to sit down and talk about, certainly her, how they're feeling. People quite often make overstatements when people pass away. This isn't an overstatement."

Police say there were several hundred people at the concert when the gunfire started.

"Everything was going great, and then out of nowhere, shots were fired," said Kyle Blust, general manager of the gallery. "My main focus was just getting people out of the building and getting them away from the gunfire."

Six people were shot, and despite hundreds of potential witnesses, no one has identified the shooter. That's one of the main reasons Dr. Jones is speaking out.

"The entire university community is hoping and praying and imploring that is there is anybody that knows who did this, that they would reach out to authorities," he said.

On Sunday, Walker's father made the same plea.

"Please speak up," Dean Walker said. "I would step up for you in a heartbeat."

Walker recently lost his wife to cancer and told us the family was still grieving when this happened.

"Savannah and her mother were extremely close," he said.

In fact, that is why Savannah was still in town last weekend and not traveling with the debate team.

"She was here because her mother had died, and she stayed in the city to help her father," Dr. Jones said. "He was so distraught over that."

If you were at the concert or know someone who was, LMPD desperately want to hear from you. In fact, you can call the homicide unit directly at 502-574-7055.

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