When yesterday’s rally in Louisville for President Trump was announced, I wasn’t surprised to hear that two of Mr. Trump’s bitterest opponents, Kentucky Third District Representative John Yarmuth and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, would be avoiding the event.

But I was both surprised and disappointed to hear that even Mayor Greg Fischer wouldn’t be at the airport to welcome Mr. Trump to Louisville. Even though he’s a liberal Democrat, I thought that the Mayor of this city was responsible for being our official host when any dignitary comes to visit, and that his failure to do so in this case was rude.

But it turns out I was wrong. I talked to Mayor Fischer about this, and it seems that anyone wanting to personally welcome the President at the airport, even a mayor, could do so only by invitation from the White House.  And Mayor Fischer received no such invitation.

That could represent a conscious decision by the President or simply be the result of confusion at the White House, but either way, what I thought was an example of political posturing was actually just a case of the Mayor not wanting to crash a party to which he wasn’t invited.

I suppose the lesson here is that things are seldom as they appear in politics, and it’s wise not to jump to conclusions before you know all the facts. 

I’m Bill Lamb and that’s my Point of View.